Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Skip the million plastic bags with reusable cart bags.

Reisenthel EasyBags make shopping simple. Innovative design unfolds and attaches to shopping cart for easy packing / organizing. Sturdy material & structured shape replaces disposable shopping bags & cardboard boxes in bulk retailers. Zipper pocket holds wallet, Velcro close top keeps items secure.

Why It Gets Our Seal of Approval

    • Smart collapsible design folds into a pouch
    • Secure Velcro top closure
    • Zipper pocket for shopping list, wallet, or odds and ends
    • Sturdy side hooks hold it open in shopping cart
    • Elastic straps - fits most standard shopping carts
    • Durable, tear-resistant material will last for years to come
    • Handy alternative to cardboard boxes & paper bags
    • Fair wage/Fair labor

    Replace paper bags and cardboard boxes with the Reisenthel EasyBags shopping cart basket. Smart design clips into shopping carts for easy packing & unpacking. Following Reisenthel's reputation for long-lasting, high-quality baskets and bags, these Cart Baskets are very and durable. Made to last for years - each basket will replace thousands of disposable bags in its lifetime. Items stay secure with the Velcro closures on top, stash your wallet keys or grocery list in the zippered pocket. Why stop at groceries? We've found multiple uses for the Reisenthel Shopping Cart Baskets: storage, laundry, school & any shopping trips. Includes two plastic tokens for European shopping trolleys.